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Chesterton Tribune, Thursday, 20 July, 1916
The Gary Tribune, one of the champions of the Knotts Park scheme in an editorial of Monday, naively says: "Compared with prices paid for parks around Chicago, the proposed national park will not be excessive in its demands upon the national treasury. It will be worth every cent of it to the people of a vast region." This would indicate that the option holders are not going the limit in their killing. And it also would indicate that the generosity of the public is not to be entirely relied upon. One must remember that overhead costs of collection is very large. The advertising bills, the clerical force, the commissions paid to collectors and promoters, lobbies in Congress, and state legislature, etc., etc., have a way of eating into a fund that is quite shameful. Those fellows who started out to build a railroad from Chicago to New York on a bee line out of the savings of the washerwomen and the workingmen, found that out. So did the washerwomen.
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