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Hammond Lake County Times, Saturday, 17 November, 1917
Put It Down in History That Last Regular Car Ran On Wednesday, Nov. 14.
LAPORTE, IND., Nov. 17 The swan song of the Gary & Interurban railway, formerly the Air Line, was heard Wednesday night when the last regular car left Laporte for Gary loaded with express of the Adams Express company. The local office of the express company is now routing its shipments over the Pere Marquette railroad, and in order to give as good a service as in the past it is understood additional trains will be put on the Pere Marquette in order to make connections with through east and west lines. The Adams business in Laporte has grown wonderfully in the past few years and the company does not want to see it lost simply because the Air Line has given up running cars.
Tearing Up Track.
The report in Gary and other papers, ten days ago that work of tearing up the tracks of the Air Line from the Laporte city limits to Goodrum had been started at that time was not correct, as the work of taking down the overhead and tearing up the track was not started until last night, after the last car had gone out of Laporte. The passenger service was discontinued two weeks ago, but the express business was continued until arrangements for taking car of the business by other channels had been made.

Irving H. Cady, who has been employed by the Adams Express company as a messenger over the Gary & Interurban, was today assigned to a messenger run out of Chicago on the Pennsylvania lines.
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