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Valparaiso Evening Messenger, Wednesday, 17 July, 1929
The unprotected Wisconsin street grade crossing of the Nickle Plate railroad at Hobart was the scene of an accident in which John Rosdelski, aged 60, Hobart, met instant death late Monday when his machine was struck by a speeding eastbound passenger train.

According to the engineer and others who witnessed the accident, Rosdelski was driving north on Wisconsin street, approached the crossing and despite warning whistel blasts by the engineer, drove his car directly in front of the locomotive. The small Ford coupe was crushed under the pilot of the engine and the wreckage was carried 1000 feet down the track before the train could be brought to a stop.

Rosdelski had been killed instantly and was identified immediately by his small son who had been fishing nearby and came to the scene of the tragedy. The body was picked up along the track and removed in an ambulance to the Pflughoeft mortuary. It later was taken to the Oleska mortuary in Gary.

Mr. Rosdelski was employed at the Gary Works and resided with his family west of Hobart on Tenth street. Those who survive him, besides the widow, are six sons, Joseph of Gary, and Frank, Nick, William, James and John of Hobart, and two daughters, Mrs. Theresa McGovern of Gary and Mrs. Mary Caracmes of Hobart.

The crossing at which Rosdelski met his death is unprotected save for a danger warning sign on either side of the track. Wisconsin street, running north and south, crosses the Nickle Plate at a slight grade on each side. However, a clear view of the track may be had from either direction. The street, which leads to the new bridge over Lake George, is unimproved and not used to a great extent.
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