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2 April, 2005, tour of bits of the Air Line between LaPorte and Woodville Junction

No, I won't have any of the group shots here that were taken including almost everyone at once. Others were capturing those so I tried for some behind the scenes snapshots of people's backs and people moving around.
No, people being in my shots, of old remains of the railroad, sure don't bother me. This was a group tour. People give my pictures scale.
No, I cannot name everyone in each of my images here. If you wonder who they all are, then you shall have to each e-write me and tell me which images you are in yourself; I'll keep and list and then post an accumulation of the info.
I took most of these photos with my normal 55 mm lens but did occasionally use my 135 mm telephoto & 19 mm extreme wide angle lenses, which may appear to distort reality a bit.
I met up with people, who had taken the South Shore from Chicago, at Michigan City's Carroll Ave. (Shops) station. From there we headed to downtown LaPorte for our next rendezvous before following the old streetcar route south.
below: The southeasternmost corner of the LaPorte streetcar line and of our tour. We are southeast of the airport. Looking southwest, our next stop being in the distance at the right edge.

South LaPorte. The solar flare ghost again haunted me in the same place, though pointing the other direction from my earlier visit above. The LaPorte Municipal Airport is northeast in the distance.

The state historical marker for the Air Line, which sits to the east of S.R. 39, looking east, south, and west.

Our third stop, to the north of the Air Line's old mainline, for a look at the remains of the old carbarn or powerhouse or something like that.
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