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Calumet Heritage Partnership October Conference
Afternoon Tour 6 October, 2001
[These details are subject to change.]
A tour of the Calumet Area visiting places which illustrate the Calumet Area's railroad heritage.  Included in the tour are historical sites (Griffith, Hammond), industrial housing built by a rail company, current rail operations (Indiana Harbor Belt RR), and open space sites whose current uses are a result of the rail industry (Munster/Lansing, Gibson Woods).

1:00    Leave IUN.  (On-bus explanation of the development of the Griffith Railroad crossing.)
1:15    Arrive Griffith Railroad History Museum
Exit bus, 30 minutes at the museum
1:45    Leave Griffith.  (On-bus exploration of the building of local rail lines and their impact on the brick industry).
1:55    Arrive Lakewood Park, Munster
View old NS (formerly Panhandle/Pennsylvania) line, site of brickyards, clay pits, landfill.  [Bathrooms available.]
2:00    Leave Lakewood Park.  Drive west on 45th Street to Wentworth Avenue, north past Lansing Country Club.
2:10    Leave Lansing Country Club.
2:30    Arrive People's Park.
Exit bus and tour grounds (IHB rail tower, swing bridge)
2:45    Leave People's Park.  Drive east to Columbia Avenue and south to (Pullman) Standard Housing.  (On-bus explanation of rail car industry in the Calumet Area / Pullman and Standard Housing.)
Drive through the historical area and view (Pullman) Standard Housing.
3:00    Arrive Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad headquarters.
Tour IHB roundhouse and rail yards.
4:00    Leave Indiana Harbor Belt headquarters.
4:10    Arrive Gibson Woods.
Exit bus, tour the nature center and woods.
4:40    Leave Gibson Woods.
4:55    Arrive at IUN.

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