the dunesdunes' graveyard
Wandering dune burying the trees in its path.  Note at the left of the photograph how the freshly blown sand is advancing.  This photograph indicates the ever changing interest of the dunes.  Each dune presents some new phase of dune life or history.
--Photograph by A. E. Owens.
A Dunes Message from Gov. Goodrich
(By James P. Goodrich, Governor of Indiana)
The agitation for the preservation of the Sand Dunes is on. Twenty-five years ago it would have been utterly impossible to interest anybody in such a plan; today it is a topic of great interest; tomorrow we may see the realization of the project.

That it is at all possible to interest our people in such an enterprise shows the change in their thoughts regarding the value of landscape, recreation, and appreciation of nature in general. And further, the increasing demand for state or government action proves that the people commence to show a different attitude towards the state or national government than they formerly had. But when demanding something from either of these two agencies it must also be in the minds of the people that from now on in order to get this and other good, they must contribute in a larger measure towards the welfare and maintenance of state and national government.

A most excellent start has been made in our state through the purchase of Turkey Run and McCormick's Creek Canon for state parks. The beginning was small but notable. It is somewhat different with the Sand Dunes. Private subscriptions, unless coming from extremely wealthy persons interested in the locality would not be sufficient to buy a tract of land of adequate size, but state and federal governments will take a different attitude towards the project if they see the earnestness and determination of the people to have a tract of land set aside for the common good which is in great danger of being exploited by industrial and commercial interests and lost forever.

I sincerely hope that private efforts through voluntary organizations will not cease until they have succeeded in bringing about decisive action by the state or the nation.
The Sand Dunes and the lake front should be saved for the people.
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