The conservation-of-the-dunes movement is certain to be given a big boost by the historical pageant which is to be given on the dunes, near Tremont, on May 30 and June 3. It is expected that the people of Gary and the entire Calumet region will liberally aid this great pageant.

The pageant has been planned by Chicago lovers of the dunes and an organization, the Dunes Pageant Association, has been formed to carry the thing through to success. The pageant is being written now by Thomas Wood Stevens, who has had more to do with pageants than anyone else in this country.

People from all parts of this region will take part in the pageant and it is expected that a number of Gary people will be in the cast. It is proposed to train groups in various places so thoroughly that only one rehearsal of the completed work will be required.

Scores of organizations in Chicago and the Calumet region are taking part in this work and if Gary is called on for aid it should be given ungrudgingly. The preservation of the dunes means more to Gary than any other community.

the blowoutblowout
--Photograph by R. W. Flowers
These trees, choked to death by sand many years ago, are now being uncovered.  Just below these tree remains will be held the great pageant of the dunes on May 30 and June 3.  Here is a vast natural amphitheatre capable of seating 150,000 people.

This place is located just a quarter of a mile west of Waverly Beach.  If the Port Chester road were extended north to the beach it would cut through the picture.

The following letter has been sent out by Mrs. Frank E. Durfee, secretary of the Dunes Pageant association, to the officers of the federated clubs through Indiana and Illinois. Mrs. Durfee is a member of the Archer club, Lincoln center, Chicago.

A great festival attracting national attention will be presented in the dune country of Indiana near Chicago on May 30 and June 3 to further the propaganda of saving the dunes as a national park.

A historical pageant will be performed on the shores of Lake Michigan in the long shadows of the afternoon. A masque will be given in the evening under the witchery of night on the dunes. We need a group of players and executives from your club and such other co-operation as you may be able to give.

This is a splendid example of club spirit. Never before has so great a public festival been undertaken by other than a state or a municipality. The tremendous amount of work to be performed by the officers without recompense in money, the money that is being subscribed by individuals whose only interest is public welfare, the eagerness of the club members to offer their services, all attest the generous, genuine merit of our club system.

A community spirit of thousands of club members from Indiana and Illinois working together for the same end, of thousands accomplishing and enjoying that end together, of thousands brought together in one rare bond of fellowship, this and the saving of the dunes." Without this spirit there can be no real patriotism.

We seek your active co-operation and suggest the following resolution as adequate for the occasion.

"We hereby resolve that the ______ club co-operate with the Dune Pageant association of Chicago in an effort to save the dunes of Indiana as a national park and subscribe ______ for that purpose."
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