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Niles Republican, Saturday, 17 July, 1847
NEW YORK AND MICHIGAN MINING COMPANY.--The able manner which the works of this company have been conducted, and the fullness with which its situation and prospects have been laid before the share-holders and the public, reflect upon them and the gentlemen (Messrs. Grout and Douglass,) employed as agents, great credit. Upon their locations near Lake Houghton, where the Company have been doing the most, they have several very valuable veins. That which they are working, as appears from the Report, is a copper load with a vein-stone of epidote, spar, quartz, and very rich. They have sunk upon it 25 feet, where it is three feet wide between walls, and are drifting and taking out very fine mineral. Small globules of metallic silver are also united with the copper, which, with the vein stone, is often beautifully crystalized.

The copper occurs both in the metallic form and in the form of an ore, and constitutes a rich proportion of the lode. Specimens of the vein-stone, exhibiting but a small per cent of metallic copper and judged from the appearance and weight to be within a fair average of the product of the lode, pulverized and analyzed in the "wet way," gave an average result of 66 per cent pure copper--very rich yield and speaking most encouragingly for the prospect of the company. The character of the vein-stone, which contains a handsome proportion of calcspar, is well adapted to an easy separation and reduction of the metal.--Specimens of a reddish rock shown us, which is associated with the lode, appear similar to that from the Cliff Mine of the Pittsburg and Boston Company, which carries a rich ore of silver. The other discoveries upon these locations give great promise of proving to be very valuable veins.

The company also possess locations near Fre Steel River, a region abounding in copper, which, from the character of the veins discovered, must prove of great value. Near Carp River they hold the most extraordinary bed of iron ore in the world with respect to quantity, quality and ease of quarrying it. Such was the opinion of Dr. Houghton, Prof. Rogers, and others who have visited it. It has been long known by the Indians as the 'Iron Mountain.'--Lake Superior News 26th June.
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